General Reservoir Engineering

Important Notice:

The following webpages are NOT meant to be a substitute for scholarly text books on reservoir engineering. These webpages are meant to help refresh your recollection of selected topics that you previously studied. At the bottom, please find references which in many cases contain complete derivations and worked out examples.

Please note that well testing, logging and laboratory derived rock and fluid analyses, will be covered in formation evaluation (FE) section.

This is a work in progress!

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RE01: Geology concepts and Volumetric Analysis

RE02: Basic Flow Relations in Reservoirs

RE02A Empirical Models of Relative Permeability

RE03: Gas Condensate Analyses

RE04: API Equation for Depletion Drive Reservoirs

RE05: Material Balance Analyses (Short version, Part 1)

RE06: Gas Material Balance Havlena-Odeh method (quick summary)

RE07 Unsteady state VEH aquifer models

RE08 Traditional Decline Curve Analysis

RE09 Well Inflow Equations (Liquids and multiphase)

RE10 Waterflood Prediction and Monitoring

RE11 Economic Evaluation of Exploration Prospects


Quiz 1 - 11 simple questions on reservoir and formation evaluation

Supporting information

Reservoir Petroleum Chemistry

Financial Quiz

Tight Gas Reservoirs (Good summary from Sublette, Wyoming Socioeconomic ( website.

Coring Practices (will go into Form Evaluation page later)

Miscellaneous links:

Two Phase Relative Permeability Program: Muhammad Asif Hussain, a Petroleum Engineer by profession and a hobbyist programmer has kindly furnished this program, without cost. It is in *.rar format, which will automatically unzip.

Two Phase Relative Permeability

Also, see Muhammed's website,

Henry Darcy

Modern Well Test Analyses (Contribution of Stanford University- Just to mention a few graduates)




Note, the last time I check, there were 56 textbooks on reservoir engineering for sale by the SPE. These few listed below are resources that I used in preparation of these webpages.

1. Allen and Roberts, Production Operations, Volume 1, 1993. First 3 chapters cover basic essentials of geology, oil field properties, and well testing.

2. Dake, L.P, Fundementals of Reservoir Engineering, 1980. Excellent reference, covering more immiscible displacement processes. Classical well testing therory is also presented.

3. Craft and Hawkins and Peters, Applied Petroleum Engineering, 1959 (also update 1991 version by Craft, Hawkins and Terry)

4. Lee, J. , Rollins, T and Spivey. J.P, Pressure Transient Testing, 2003.

5. Bradley (editor), Petroleum Engineering Handbook, Section 3, Reservoir Engineering, Chapters 20 to 58.

6. Whitson, C. H. and Brule, Phase Behavoir, SPE Monograph Volume 20, 2000.

7. Lee, J. and Wattenbarger, R.A. Gas Reservoir Engineering, SPE Texbook Vol 5, 1993.

8. Horne, R.N. Modern Well Test Analysis, A computer adied approach, 2008.

9. White, P and Moss, J. Thermal Recovery Methods, 1983.